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Blue Reserve's bottleless water coolers have greatly enhanced the continued evolution of drinking water purification, guaranteeing cleaner, healthier, better tasting water.


The BR2500 bottleless water cooler is a low profile unit with an extremely high level of performance. Its design provides an attractive look to fit all types of businesses. Enjoy the taste and freshness of advanced purification in each and every drop you drink.

  • Multi Stage Internal Filtration System
  • Balances PH Levels for Improved Hydration
  • Push Panel Dispensing
  • LG Parts & Components
  • LED Lighting Display
  • Stainless Steel Tanks-Water Sanitation
  • Lifetime Warranty
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With elegance, the BR7500 water purification system provides a high level of water capacity and advanced industry leading water purification. In addition to the high profile look, the BR7500 bottleless water cooler has self contained flow regulators and leak detectors for added value. Simply put, the BR7500 is the most advanced bottleless water cooler on the market today.

  • High Capacity Cooler – Can Hydrate over 75 Employees
  • Multi Stage Internal Filtration System
  • Adjustable Cold and Hot Water Settings
  • Water Sanitation & Nutrient Boost
  • Self Contained Leak Detector
  • Hands Free, Push Panel Dispensing
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The BR2050 is our executive countertop bottleless water cooler. With our industry leading filtration system and vibrant LED lighting, the BR2050 adds value to any workspace. Need to save space? Our countertop is only 18" tall and fits under most cabinets!

  • Adjustable Hot and Cold Filtered Water
  • Multi Stage Filtration System
  • Hands Free, Push Panel Dispensing
  • Sleek, Executive Appearance
  • LED Display Panel
  • LG Components
  • Countertop Version
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The BR150 is our most economical bottleless water cooler, built with an extra large dispensing area and child safe spigots, perfect for filling large water bottles. The BR150 is available as both a hot & cold or cook & cold cooler.

  • Adjustable Hot and Cold Filtered Water
  • Multi Stage Filtration System
  • Child Safety Spigots
  • Large Dispensing Area
  • LG Components
  • Lifetime Warranty
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