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Around The Water Cooler.

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October 17, 2012

Where Does Bottled Water Really Come From?

Bottled water companies often market images of purity and nature, showing pictures of pristine mountain springs on their bottles. But is this really where the water comes from? The answer is almost always no. In fact, it is often hard to determine the source of bottled water, as the industry is significantly less regulated than tap water. About a year ago Congress had to subpoena the 13 largest bottled water companies in the nation in order to obtain clear information on the source of their water. Nestle prints “public water source” on the labels of their bottles.

The source water from one of of Blue Reserve’s bottleless water coolers is very clear: safe municipal tap water. Bottleless water coolers and point of use filtration systems further enhance high quality tap water by filtering out chlorine, sediments, and metals and providing extra protection against bacteria. Bottleless coolers truly provide the healthiest and best tasting water available.

Blue Reserve Water provides offices with our office bottleless water cooler service. Our bottleless water coolers utilize a wide range of water purification technologies to deliver offices with the purest bottleless water. Our bottleless water coolers guarantee to provide bottled water quality without paying for office water delivery service. Learn more about our Reverse Osmosis technology and our bottleless water coolers and green your office by doing away with bottled water and switching to a Blue Reserve bottleless water cooler. Blue Reserve provides it’s bottleless water cooler service to offices in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Call Blue Reserve today at 888-880-5543 x2 to sign your office up for our premium filtered bottleless water cooler service.