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Around The Water Cooler.

Welcome to the latest news from Blue Reserve. Our blog keeps you up to speed on the latest environmental stories, with focused coverage on issues related to water.

July 26, 2010

San Francisco takes back the tap

San Francisco has joined New York in promoting a pro-tap water campaign. Since 2007 bottled water has been banned from city offices, the city is now considering restricting the sale of bottled water at any event being held on city property. Furthermore, many restaurants have partnered with a Food and Water Watch program¬†Take Back the Tap, pledging not to sell bottled water to their customers. By only serving tap water, these restaurants are demonstrating to consumers the extremely high quality of San Francisco tap water which the city has dubbed “the best tap water in the nation.”

Blue Reserve supports the city of San Francisco and its efforts to reduce bottled water use. Tap water is often of superior quality to bottled water, and is always a more economical and environmentally friendly choice.

The best way to make tap water even better is through a bottleless water system. By filtering this high quality water and cooling it in a stainless steel container, bottleless water coolers provide offices and homes with the best tasting water available. Contact Blue Reserve for more information on different types of bottleless filtration systems.

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