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Around The Water Cooler.

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October 29, 2012

Bottled Water Article in Economist

In a recent issue of the Economist, they featured a large, multiple article section on water as a global issue. Titled “A Special Report on Water,” this series of articles made reference to the inefficiency of bottled water. One quote from this piece concerning bottled water was particularly scathing.

“Bottled water often comes from the same source as tap water, where that is available (sometimes at a hundredth of the price), though it should be at least clean.  It is often indistinguishable from tap water. In rich countries, it may have come from exotic sources such as Fiji or Lapland, packed in glass or plastic destined to become rubbish, devouring energy on its travels and thus making it one of the least green and least defensible rip-offs on the market.”

Blue Reserve believes it is important to profile and expose these facts about bottled water and help consumers improve the way they purchase water service for their home or office.

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