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Around The Water Cooler.

Welcome to the latest news from Blue Reserve. Our blog keeps you up to speed on the latest environmental stories, with focused coverage on issues related to water.

September 20, 2010

Blue Reserve Water-Bottleless Water Coolers Featured in the Press

Blue Reserve and its founders have recently been featured in several different news publications. First, there is an article by MaineBiz describing the process that two founders went through in starting the business and what the future holds for the company. This article also details the environmental passion that is behind the company, and the bottleless water cooler market in general.

Secondly, the site Under30CEO has recently featured the founders of Blue Reserve as a featured startup. The site aims to highlight the efforts of young business owners, by detailing the stories of these entrepreneurs. A nice quote from the article detailing the future plans of Blue Reserve:

“We are dedicated to becoming a nationwide provider of quality, bottleless drinking water in the United States. The next few years have this industry poised for very strong growth, and we are going to be part of this expansion.”

It is great to hear continued feedback on the success of Blue Reserve. We appreciate the time and effort taken forth by the authors to write and publish these articles, and look forward to working with them in the future.

Blue Reserve LLC, based out of Portland Maine office, with offices in New Hampshire and Massachusetts provides a sustainable drinking water service to offices and homes. Our product, the bottle-less water cooler, also known as the filtered water cooler, combines top of the line water purification technology with the aesthetics and functionality of a typical 5-gallon water cooler. Instead of an office paying for the transportation of bottled water, our bottle-free cooler connects to a nearby water line in the office, and purifies tap water to premium quality. Still providing instant hot and cold pure water, our bottleless water cooler effectively eliminates the bottle as well as the associated inefficiencies of office water delivery. Through our premium office service, which includes installation, filter changes, and maintenance, an office will cut costs, reduce its environmental footprint, and streamline their facility.

Blue Reserve’s mission is to displace our national dependency on bottled water coolers by bringing to market sustainable and affordable water purification technology. Through our steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility, we will build a healthier, safer, and more sustainable world.